HTAi 2024 Annual MeetingSeville, Spain
15 June 2024 – 19 June 2024

Our contributions to this conferences are 2 workshop and 1 panel session:

This multi-stakeholder workshop addresses the current motives, enablers, and barriers in LMICs to strengthen evidence-informed decision-making for achieving greater sustainability and inclusivity in health systems. The participants will co-create and design potential multi-stakeholder pathways for HTA processes that are feasible and effective in the context of LMICs.
Many LMICs face significant healthcare affordability and accessibility disparities. Increased healthcare coverage demands and limited evidence-informed decision-making capabilities aggravate these challenges. Contextual factors affecting effectiveness and cost-effectiveness variables may limit applicability and transferability of high-income country evidence to LMICs. Current access policies are being circumvented by lawsuits and semi-legal workarounds. Early stakeholder engagement in HTA can improve acceptability and equity.

WS22: Patient And Citizen Involvement In Health Technology Assessment: Networks For Sustainability And Innovation

This workshop, led by the HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement Interest Group (PCIG) begins with an introduction to key concepts, methods and approaches to patient involvement, including examples of tools adapted internationally for efficient and good practice. This is followed by the choice of three deep dive dialogues: reporting and evaluating; sustainable practice; and the patient community role in innovation.

Since 2005, the HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement Interest Group (PCIG) has fostered good practice to support patient and citizen involvement in health technology assessment (HTA), including developing resources and improving methods. This workshop will enable participants to gain a practical overview of the field before contributing their expertise to collaborative initiatives in deep dive dialogues.


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