All conference contributions in 2020 took place in virtual formats. This included participation in webinars or panel sessions at ISPOR ot HTAi


ISPOR 2019, 22nd Annual European Congress
2.-6. November 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark
HEOR Short Course Program
8-9 September 2018

HTAi 2019 Annual Meeting
Cologne, Germany
15 June 2019 – 19 June 2019

Our contributions to this conferences are 1 workshop and 1 panel session:
  • “WS11: A Multi-criteria Decision Process For Value Based Decision Making In Emerging Markets
  • “PN06: Taking Value Based Decision Making in Emerging Markets to the Next Level: From Theory to Policy

If your are interested in the content of these session, please contact us via E-Mail anke.holtorf(a)