Who – What for


Who we work for Developers (pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device) Investors Decision Makers
What we do Analyzing and modeling early which impact can be expected on therapy outcome and cost.Testing the hypothesis with future decision makers and payers. Assessing healthcare alternatives (HTA / health technology assessment).

Considering stakeholder perspectives (e.g. patients / citizens)

Platform for early influence on new products and services.

Networking with peers across boarders.

Platform for addressing current topics in healthcare related decision making

Defining the targets in the development.Identifying the path to the market.Value dossiers and value dossier reviews Setting priorities among the investment alternatives.
Education and training – tailored to the need of the recipients
(e.g. health economic and outcomes research methods – international health policy – decision support / prioritization – quality assessment)
What the goal is … to improve the overall value balance of products and services in healthcare


By knowing and integrating the perspectives of our customers, we balance and mediate their perceptions of value – early and throughout product development.